Sunday, October 01, 2006


Its been a while since my last post...actually I forgot I had this blog. Update in a nutshell, I returned to Venezuela in late July, in mid August, my wife, my 13-year old brother-in-law, and I went to Merida in the high Andes. I took my bike and did a couple of good rides including riding to Los Nevados from El Morro.

In Los Nevados, we scheduled a trip over the mountains on mule back to the tramway station #3 (4043 meters or 13,220 ft). The trip over was wet and rainy and Oscar got hypothermia. I gave up my horse and gave it to the Andean guide so they could get to the tram station faster. I walked in relative solitude over the pass at 4100 meters (13,410 ft). Fresh snow was above at about 4300 meters.

Once back down in thicker air of Merida (1700 meters or 5560 ft) Oscar warmed up and was feeling much better.

Work started again in late August. I've been riding my bike on weekends, including a short race where I placed 4th in my category (Clydesdales [90 kg or more]).

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