Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Road Trip part I

Tania and I were headed for the Paria Peninsula when Tania decided she wanted to go to the Gran Sabana. I agreed and we turned around, spent two hours in traffic getting across town again and hit the road. Tania was born in Bolivar but had never been to the Gran Sabana region. Here are some photo highlights.
- new bridge across the Orinoco.

- Hotel Andrea, Upata, Edo. Bolivar. Creative kinetic scuptures made from scrap material...also a good hotel.

- "Deadwood" Venezuela. The sketchiest looking town in Venezuela I've ever been through.

- posada Ya-Koo in Santa Elena de Uriaren. A very nice place.

- raid on Brazil to buy sugar. I zoomed across the border and nobody on either side stopped me or asked any questions (a malaria vaccination is needed for Brazil). I carried back 20 kg of sugar in my messenger bag.