Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Day on the Tour Divide 2009

On June 30, 2009 Matthew Lee rode to his forth 1st place finish of the Tour Divide race. I first met Matthew at his 2005 finish.

I spent the afternoon and night of the 29th, and the morning of the 30th chasing Matthew, trying to get some decent photos worthy of publishing. I don't know if any of these photos are good, but here's a photo essay of my favorite pics of that 24 hours.

Tracks north of Pie Town, NM

Matthew's arrival into Silver City, NM The Grinder Mill, Silver City Separ, NM (Continental Divide on I-10) at 4:00 AM Big Hatchet Mtn. Sunrise, Hatchita, NM Arrive at Hatchita. Breakfast in Hatchita. 45 miles to the Finish. Focused. Arrival at Antelope Wells. Podium The real finish...lunch at El Charro in Lordsburg.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Bicycle Race at Paso Colon, Puerto la Cruz, VE

Last Sunday, Tania and I were in downtown PLC and came across a bicycle race. I took a few pics. These aren't in any order. I just posted the pics I liked the best. Not too bad for a tiny point-and-shoot (Canon SD1200 IS)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Merlin Titanium: Last of its Type

I took this pic on Sunday after my ride. I was just goofing around with the camera's settings.

I have several bicycles but this one is still my favorite. It is a 1996 Merlin titanium mountain bike. It was given to me as a warranty replacement after I cracked my 1993 Merlin, which was also a warranty replacement to the original 1990 Merlin. The original Merlin had a 3 digit serial number. This one has 5 digits. In 1997, Merlin was sold and Rob Vandermark started his own company, Seven which has taken titanium bicycles to another level.

This bike has been many places; a true adventure bike. I've really enjoyed it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Return of Monkey Boy

Got out for a ride today with Oscar. I was surprised when he had the initiative to get up and get ready on his own. It was a nice ride. The reason we haven't been riding together lately is because he had a weekend job that was taking all his time. He quit, wanting more time for himself but now is wanting a new job, but one that is not so demanding on his time (he's only 16 years old).
image copyright 2009 by Mimbres Man (B. H. Beard)
I decided I am going to play with B & W photography for a while.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Venezuelan Holiday

Unless you like crowds, which I don't, I don't recommend going anywhere popular during a Venezuelan holiday. Check out this crowd...and they kept coming.
Friend Daniel invited me to go sailing, and we went out with his wife, daughter and his wife's mother and 3 sisters. It made for a crowded boat, so I spent the entire time up on the bow. We "sailed" to Playa Punare (5 nautical miles) with the main sail up, but motored across the bay with the diesel.
Once at the island, we found a spot, I went for a short swim to try my hand at underwater photography...which I found very difficult and frustrating. I really need to learn how to take a good underwater photo.
The sail back was real sailing. We put up the main and unfurled the jib and took off! We made it across the bay in about an hour so we were averaging about 6 knots which isn't too bad considering our angle of attack (a broad reach in following winds). When we turned upwind to lower the sails, Daniel lost his Gila Cliff Dwellings horny toad hat in the sea. It must have sunk because we never saw it (plus it was a dusky olive color, so it blended with the sea pretty good). Will have to try to get him a new one.

Monday, October 05, 2009

My Thoughts Exactly

A beautiful little short film from the NYC Bicycle Film Festival.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I Like Riding Solo

Recovered from our Friday Caracas blitz trip, so I went out for a ride this morning.

I was riding alone today. Solo riding allows me focus. I think about all kinds of things. I think about how lucky and blessed I am. I think about new ideas. I think about the future. I love riding bikes...and its so fun to ride a bike that you love. I love my Merlin...Right now the elevators in the building are not working so I need to haul the bike down and up 5 stories. A 20 pound (9 kg) bike is easy to deal with!

Rode El Morro twice; up El Cerro, La Falla, then down the Fausto/The Rails, then to the base of Acuaro, then return to El Cerro and repeat...somewhere I picked up a thorn and my front tire started going soft, so I decided to call it a morning and rode home.
I had to stop and add air a couple times...

When riding the back road, I came across some boys fishing with their dad. Their dad was swimming in the sea, using an old-school dive mask to see the fish, then using a large treble hook to snag the fish. They caught a pretty good sized fish using this method. Very cool!
Came across these guys riding up the rails while I was heading down. They had the right-of-way, so I paused and took some pics.