Friday, October 30, 2009

A Day on the Tour Divide 2009

On June 30, 2009 Matthew Lee rode to his forth 1st place finish of the Tour Divide race. I first met Matthew at his 2005 finish.

I spent the afternoon and night of the 29th, and the morning of the 30th chasing Matthew, trying to get some decent photos worthy of publishing. I don't know if any of these photos are good, but here's a photo essay of my favorite pics of that 24 hours.

Tracks north of Pie Town, NM

Matthew's arrival into Silver City, NM The Grinder Mill, Silver City Separ, NM (Continental Divide on I-10) at 4:00 AM Big Hatchet Mtn. Sunrise, Hatchita, NM Arrive at Hatchita. Breakfast in Hatchita. 45 miles to the Finish. Focused. Arrival at Antelope Wells. Podium The real finish...lunch at El Charro in Lordsburg.


Bruce said...

Mims-How bad did Matt smell in NM? He looks real gamy.

And less than well rested, no?

Mimbres Man said...

He was very smelly when he got into my rental car...especially when he took off his jacket.
As far as rest, he was pretty much on his bike that last day for about 30 hours. We'd be talking and suddenly he'd fall asleep. He did this several time on the way to Lordsburg for lunch.

nierman said...

That tracks photo is awesome! Great stuff all around.