Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playa Santa Fe

Today Tania, Oscar, and I took a little adventure trip. First stop was the fishing village of Playa Santa Fe. It was Sunday market day, so the place was busy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Surreal Afternoon

So I am on vacation and just milling about, relaxing and taking care of business. Tania and I went shopping for a new PC for Oscar this morning. We found one at a decent price so we decided to go back to the mall to buy it since Oscar was at his art class.

We get in the car, I'm driving, pull out of the condo property, go to 1 block to Ave. Playa Lido that goes along the Caribbean. I enjoy that little street because it goes along the beach.

I look at the sea and it is a popping 3D-like color of green!

I look at other things in the environment as I am driving, and all the colors are surreal and extremely vivid. I am really enjoying it. Traffic flows with ease.

We buy the PC then go for a coffee. It is killer! Open-air restaurant, jazz/electronica is playing on the sound system, and the flavor just explodes on my tongue. Cafe' Venezolano...major en el mundo!

We walk around the mall a bit, enjoying each other's company, mosey over to the plaza where workers are tearing down the boat expo that was held over the weekend. We talk to a salesman about buying a Zodiac. Yes! Tania wants one!

We get back in the car and drive up the El Morro, my mountain biking place. At the summit, we are enjoying the 270ยบ view of the Caribbean. The sun is fairly low on the horizon, and its hard to tell, where the sea ends and the sky begins.

Tania has the white receipt from the computer store in her hand. She waves it from left to right and I see an electric blue streak. The colors around me are popping again. Red, orange, and pink flower blossoms are neon. I can see a hundred shades of green, the soil is a brownish orange and the clouds silvery white.

It was a wonderful experience.