Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting Better

I've been sick. So sick that I was thinking about my "bucket list". It was bad.

Well I am getting better, but decided I won't return to work until next Monday.

Here is what I did today.

- I woke up early enough to enjoy the sunrise and catch a quick glimpse of Mercury. The planet was very faint and lasted only a few minutes. It was cool. BTW, it visible in the pic if you open the pic by clicking on it. Look at the "saddle" to the right of the left-most peak and about halfway up to the clouds. There is a faint dot. That is Mercury.

- I was Internet-guy for while and wrote a draft for a friend's writers blog site.

- I went to Lucy's for a full-hour massage. It was great!

- Tania picked me up and we home for lunch after getting Oscar from school. Zenaily (Tania's sister) made killer smoked pork chops!

- Vegged with Tania, and wrote another version of my story.

- Went downtown with Tania and bought an air purifier for the El Tigre apartment. Hopefully it will help keep me from coughing getting more lung problems.

Tomorrow I will see the doctor once again. He wants to evaluate my progress.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Light Fixtures Installed

I hauled these light fixtures down from the USA in August. Ironically, I gave up the Litespeed for these things.
The bedroom lights are nice. They are halogen bulbs hooked into dimmer switches.
The bathroom lights are simple, but elegant. I like them them.
The hanging lamp in the entry way is a bit weird right now, but I think when we get rid of the cheap bookshelf there and paint the entry, it will look good.
I love my little apartment.

Oscar Races and Wins!

This past weekend was a 3-day weekend, so I had an extra day to veg-out with Tania and Oscar. Saturday, Oscar and I rode around. We avoided the mud and rode primarily on pavement. Sunday, we hooked up with some locals we knew and rode offroad a bit and discovered a small local mtn bike race. I had money in my pocket and asked Oscar if he wanted to enter. He did, so we signed him in as a Juvenile (15 - 18). He completed four laps (8 km with 100 m climbing each lap) and won his category. He was happy and totally jazzed. We rode back to the apartment with his trophy.

Monday, October 06, 2008


Back to the routine of working and relaxing. Spent a great weekend. Did some mountain biking with Monkey Boy, then my wife, MB, and myself went to the new Tony Roma's to have lunch with my former boss, Miss Sally, and her son Daniel (who I went fishing with last week and who I work with). Lunch was good but expensive. Tania nearly had a heart attack when the bill came.

After lunch, I dropped Tania off at home, and MB and I went to the hardware store to buy new voltage surge protectors for the refrigerator and the microwave oven. We've been having a lot of short little power outages and its blown out our old voltage surge protectors. Daniel came over later and installed a wireless Internet card into MB's computer, so now he can be Internet Guy without using my computer. I paid Daniel with scotch. We had a few drinks before he had leave.

I did a solo bike ride on Sunday. Nothing really great. Just rode up El Morro, around, back up, then over to the Amerigo Vespucci marina and back. I rode the Merlin single speed about 13.5 miles.
This might sound like a boring post, but it is how I really like spending my weekends now. Just kind of dinking around on the bike, hanging out with my wife, and friends,

Above is a pic I took of myself yesterday on top of El Morro. I've been wanting to make a stencil of my face so I can tag walls and stuff. I don't know why, but I've always thought it was interesting in Latin America that politicians have their face in stencil form on walls all over the city. This pic is my first attempt at doing a total black & white. I find it interesting.