Friday, April 29, 2011

The Tour of the Gila!

The SRAM Tour of the Gila is going on right now in my hometown of Silver City, NM. Weather looks like its been great and riders seem to be enjoying themselves (if you can call that kind of suffering enjoyment [yes you can!]). Here is a video of co-director/friend, Jack Brennan, talking about what it takes to make the race happen. Yeehaw Jack and Michelle (Geels...the other co-director/friend).

Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Job is Killing Me

I'm coughing again...another respiratory infection. I am blaming the apartment that the school provides for me. I never had any kind of lung problems until I moved into that place three years ago. Now Benjamin is experiencing the same thing. He is hacking and coughing. The pediatrician says it is not a cold but an allergy. He recommended that we take him to an allergy specialist ASAP.

Damn this place!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Posting Again

January 13 was my last post before this one. I stopped for a couple of reasons. 1.) Facebook sucking up my "creative" expressive energy. 2.) Benjamin Eldon was born on January 22. Though he's a good, happy and healthy baby, he's still a lot work in the care and feeding of him. In fact I just had him sleeping on my shoulder for nearly 30 minutes listening to Neil Young and when I tried to put him down, he'd wake up and get all wiggly and squirmy.

He's grown a lot in the 3 months he's been around. He's a good boy!
Other changes in my life is I got a "departure letter" back in November or so from QSI, my employer, so I will no longer be a teacher for them. I am not really sad about it, just wondering what's next. I was never interviewed for QSI, I was grandfathered into their system when they bought ELA in 2004. I never really got used to their way of doing things and I got burned out and complacent working for them, and I'm surprised I lasted as long as I have. Probably will try to take a year off of teaching before diving into it again. I have some other projects to work on. I currently have zero debt and money in the bank so we are doing fairly okay...better than a lot of people these days. I think...