Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Merlin Titanium: Last of its Type

I took this pic on Sunday after my ride. I was just goofing around with the camera's settings.

I have several bicycles but this one is still my favorite. It is a 1996 Merlin titanium mountain bike. It was given to me as a warranty replacement after I cracked my 1993 Merlin, which was also a warranty replacement to the original 1990 Merlin. The original Merlin had a 3 digit serial number. This one has 5 digits. In 1997, Merlin was sold and Rob Vandermark started his own company, Seven which has taken titanium bicycles to another level.

This bike has been many places; a true adventure bike. I've really enjoyed it.


mark scotch said...

seems like you went through a lot of frames!!
what was different that the '96 has held together?

Mimbres Man said...

The tube diameters mainly. The early Ti bikes used tubes that they could get. Later, they had enough volume to order custom tube sizes from the titanium mills.
The Lynskey's at Litespeed used to shape his own tubes from flat sheets of titanium. The feel of my Litespeed Toccoa is totally different than that of the Merlin.