Sunday, October 04, 2009

I Like Riding Solo

Recovered from our Friday Caracas blitz trip, so I went out for a ride this morning.

I was riding alone today. Solo riding allows me focus. I think about all kinds of things. I think about how lucky and blessed I am. I think about new ideas. I think about the future. I love riding bikes...and its so fun to ride a bike that you love. I love my Merlin...Right now the elevators in the building are not working so I need to haul the bike down and up 5 stories. A 20 pound (9 kg) bike is easy to deal with!

Rode El Morro twice; up El Cerro, La Falla, then down the Fausto/The Rails, then to the base of Acuaro, then return to El Cerro and repeat...somewhere I picked up a thorn and my front tire started going soft, so I decided to call it a morning and rode home.
I had to stop and add air a couple times...

When riding the back road, I came across some boys fishing with their dad. Their dad was swimming in the sea, using an old-school dive mask to see the fish, then using a large treble hook to snag the fish. They caught a pretty good sized fish using this method. Very cool!
Came across these guys riding up the rails while I was heading down. They had the right-of-way, so I paused and took some pics.

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