Monday, April 23, 2007

Insect Noises

Yesterday I did a "group" ride though I didn't really talk to anyone. Most people drove to the rendevous place then started riding from there. Some hardcore riders rode from town.

In my haste, I forgot my money in my car, so that meant no pitstops.

The ride was a ride I've done in the past, from the alacabala (police check-point) at Pertigilete (east of PLC) to Playa Santa Fe, then up the San Pedro river valley, eventually climbing to Los Altos via the back road. The whole route is about 65 km (40 miles) and has a total elevation gain/loss of over 2000 meters (6,000+ ft). Add the heat, it makes it a challenging ride.

Yesterday's ride was no exception except the unusual noises from the birds and insects. Even in the parking lot, there were some wild natural noises, mainly parrots squawking.

I finally pulled out my camera when climbing the San Pedro river valley. I was alone, ahead of the pack (since I had no money for a break at Playa Santa Fe) and climbing up the steady grade. I was enjoying the solitude of the moment; no cars, no other cyclists, no loud salsa music...just me and my bike.

I finished the ride ahead of the pack with only two other riders ahead of me (these guys were hard chargers...incredibly fast climbers). It was a very enjoyable moment overall.

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