Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend Rambles

Saturday morning I rode my Litespeed for the first time since August. What a blast! That bike still amazes me. Everytime I get on it, it amazes me how silky smooth it really is. The Merlin is harsh and tight in comparision.

After the bike ride and lunch, Tania and I drove to Anaco to take her sister and infant niece back. Things went pretty good. For the most part, I ended up hunkered down in the air conditioned bedroom watching pirate DVDs. That said, things are getting worse in Anaco economic-wise and crime-wise.

On our way back home, we decided to take a different route. We returned via Araqua de Barcelona where we had lunch, then drove on a questionable "highway" that was potholed and dirt for a 6 km section. After that it smoothed out okay. It was a scenic drive, but I was tired when we got back.


denise garro said...

I always enjoy your blog....hey could I send you a project? my 10 yr old niece sent me a global scrap book to be sent to different people to put in 2-4 pages of pics and history of there town, etc. just to give a little info of your part of the world. I can give you an address in nyc to send it to when you are done. what do you think? if yes what is your address. thanks

ybonesy said...

you definitely need to update, mm!

i remembered my google/blogspot acct password.