Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I am such a whinner. I shouldn't complain so much about what happened. I've been at the Tigre school for a week now, and the students are way cool. I like them a bunch, especially my middle schoolers (but that is my favorite age group anyway).
I spent a weekend at my place in Lecheria. It is nice to have a place to go home to. I've never really have had a place like that before, owning my own place, that is. Its a good feeling. I love my little apartment.
Fred came down from New Mexico and headed to Margarita for the month. Hopefully, Tania and I will get over there for a visit. We don't do Margarita very often.
I am feeling much better!


steve garro said...

so are you staying in venezuela and teaching? we gotta know so we can plan our sea kayaking vacation! do you still want wheels? i have some xt disc hubs here. glad to hear you are happy! steve.

mimbres man said...

Planning on staying. Cheaper here than in the USA...as long as I am paid in dollars.