Thursday, September 24, 2009


My friend Andrew posted these on facebook...

Me exploring the White Mesa NW of Albuquerque circa 1989. I was skinny back then. Wool tights, heavy red polypropylene shirt, Mountain Smith fanny pack, Lycra-covered Avenir helmet (didn't like that helmet), and my first pair of Lake shoes (non-clipless). My bike then was a 1988 Fisher ProCaliber.
The Albuquerque mtn bikers circa 1994 or so on the John Dunn Memorial ride. John had been killed the week before when he was T-boned at an intersection while riding his Ciocc road bike. His family had given us about 1/4 of his ashes, so we had them with us. We spread them on the ride.
Note the bikes, all rigid forks. Looks like the guy on the far left has red Specialized with a Specialized suspension fork. I have my Merlin #1 due to the color of fork (black). I am on the right with the yellow jacket and the zebra striped Etto helmet (I liked that helmet). Check out the red bike on the far right and the 36 spoked front wheel.

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