Monday, November 30, 2009

Dengue Fever

I caught dengue fever last week. It is a totally sucky tropical disease that just zaps everything out of you. I had a sustained fever of about 39*C (102.2* F) for about 48 hours. Horrible stuff! I am one of the lucky ones who never gets headaches, but with dengue, it felt as if someone had driven spikes into my head. Not super painful, but painful enough.
Fortunately I have a wonderful wife who makes sure I recovered by resting, drinking plenty of fluids (including lots of homemade chicken broth), and forcing me to take tons of vitamins. I was a terrible patient btw.
Hopefully I will be recovered enough this week (today is day 10) to go for a short bike ride. I just want to get back in the groove.


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Sorry to hear yer down n out,Mims. I hope you get to feeling better really soon,Bro,sending good vibes yer way :)


redravine said...

Here we are worrying about swine flu and you get Dengue Fever. Yikes. Well, glad you got some turkey any way, and glad to know you're on the mend. ~roma