Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gear for Payara Fishing

I am not much of a fisherman and I was pretty clueless when we went out fishing for payara the other day. Turns out they are extremely aggressive and lots of fun. While my friends were struggling with their gear, my set-up worked perfectly. The only change I would make would be a slightly larger reel to hold more line. I only had about 100 yds or so...not much to work with.

Rod: Shakespeare Ugly Stik, 7 ft, medium action.
Reel: Shakespeare Agility open face. I had the drag set fairly firm/loose to let the fish run a bit when they first hit.
Line: Stren mono-filament, 14 lbs test. I probably only had about 80 yds on the small reel.
Tackle: Diving Rapala, about 4" long, silver, black, red with 2 large treble hooks. Caught all 8 payara on this lure. We used steel leaders as well...a necessity for the big teeth of this fish. I made sure I had strong knots on my line. I used an improved cinch knot to tie my swivels to the line.

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SS:Mtn Biker said...

I always liked to go fishing...never was any good at it,but I liked it. Haven't taken the kids in almost 4 years,I need to take em more this year coming now that I'm a glorified house-wife :)