Sunday, January 03, 2010

TourDivide/GDMBR 2010

Happy New Year, its 2010 and it is the year I turn 50. I want to do something epic. A friend is sky diving on her 50th in a couple weeks. My cousin has invited me along to do the same this summer. His 50th is in the spring, and mine is in September.

I’ve been planning a Trans-America bicycle tour for my 50th year, but also been pondering the TourDivide. Now some of my New Mexico mountain bike buddies want to do the TourDivide.

The TourDivide (on the *GDMBR) is doable in 30 days which better fits my summer schedule, however the official start date time is June 11 and I work till June 18 or so. Realistically I couldn’t depart from Banff till later in June.

I am now shifting gears to the do the GDMBR. I will be outfitting the Litespeed even though it only has 26” wheels. The major modification I am considering will be outfitting the bike with disc brakes. I will be ordering ultralight, rackless packs for it next week. I will post about the gear later.

*Great Divide Mountain Bike Route


Gunnar Berg said...

I follow the ride via the net. I'm turning 65 in May. I hoping to do something non-epic that involves food and wine.

Here's another I follow because I know people who are crazy.

Gunnar Berg said...

Keep in mind that last night Northern Minnesota recorded minus 47.

Mimbres Man said...

And postponed my ride today because I overslept and it was already too I waited until the late afternoon.

Food/wine tour...Southern France? Northern California?

The Scotland trip was fairly non-epic, though it had its moments (mainly due to cold wind).

On the last offroad section, that big monro [sic] described in the Outside mag article, we were taking a break at the bottom and John, the guide, told me that I had signed up for the wrong tour. He had a tour that would have suited my riding in the extreme northern Scotland. He also led trips into Morroco's High Atlas mtns which sounds real interesting, but my schedule doesn't work for those trips.

SS:Mtn Biker said...

You can do it,Mims!!! Mad props for what yer about to embark on. I only dream about the day I can ride that many a year! LOL!

And,yer almost 50??? Man...I wouldn't have given you a day over 48 1/2! :p Happy b-day when it arrives :)

Definately post an entry when you get the gear and the bike is outfitted,that'll be a kool post as well :)

Happy new year,my friend (and send me some of that warm's been between 2-17 degrees F here for over a week now...ugh)

BikerBob said...

Wow! Good luck! I hope you know what you are getting into? You climb and you climb and you climb, and then you climb some more. I don't think you can overtrain for the Tour Divide. Even so, you'll also need lots of good luck.

I now make a point of not following the Tour Divide, but if you decide to pull the plug between the Colorado/New Mexico border and the Gila, then you can call me.