Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lee's Ferry with the Garros

Took a great 3-day/3-night trip up the Colorado River from Lee's Ferry (AZ) with the Garros. Amazing beauty in the landscape, the fish, the fishing, the paddling, the food, and the company. Great fun! 

The Route

Denise assembles the Long Haul Mark II (amazing boat!)

Denise and Steve fishing. Steve caught (and released) over 30 trout. We kept only the trout which were injured (gill mouth, swallowed hook, etc.)

Camp 1 at 6-mile. The U.S. Park Service only allows camping at designated places.

Incredible lunch on Day 2 at Lunch Lady beach (7 1/2 mile)

Fresh guacamole

Fresh trout fillets sauteed with onions

Where is Anthony Bourdain?

Fresh Mexican rice

Tasty trout gordita: fresh trout sauteed in onions, fresh guacamole, fresh Mexican rice, habanero hot sauce, on a small flour tortilla. Best food ever! We drank a big portion of our Tecate supply at this lunch stop. 

When ferrying across (a paddling technique) a riffle, I miscalculated, came up short, and was still in the riffle (barely) and had to get out of my kayak. In doing so, I rolled the kayak and my camera got wet so no pics until it started working again the next morning. Here is a test shot.
Barry in the canyon. FISH-ON!

Camera stayed stowed, so no pics until the end. Denise breaking down the Long Haul, and we are drinking beer. 

Camp 3 was away from the river in an area of big rocks. Incredible night sky! I've never seen the Milky Way quite so bright. 

Incredible trip! Just want to say thanks to Steve, Denise, and Barry for the great experience. 


Bleeding Healer said...

hey back again with blogging..i love your camping surely did enjoy..take care!!!and this was an interesting adventure!!!

Bleeding Healer said...

hey i am back again with blogging. you really did have great adventures,nice pictures!!!

madnomad films said...

Hello! Amazing trip. I was wondering. Did you paddle up river? How was it?

Mimbres Man said...

Yep...upstream from Lee's Ferry is doable. Need a rudder for ferrying across the riffles. There are 2 or 3 riffle sections, the rest of the paddle is fairly easy, staying out of the current along the edges of the river.

Downstream from Lee's Ferry is the Grand Canyon. You can't go that way without a permit. ;-)

madnomad films said...

Awesome. What campsite do you recommend for a one night trip? We'll probably hire the boat shuttle up river.

Mimbres Man said...

Horseshoe Bend would be where I would recommend. You can hire boats at Cliff Dwellers (near those mushroom rocks).