Thursday, December 09, 2010

I remember where I was...

I was a free 20-year old on an adventure. It was the late afternoon and I was driving my vintage open top Jeep down I-84 in southern Idaho heading towards Salt Lake City. It was intensely cold without a heater or top (I lost the top in a roll-over 3 days before). I had installed an AM radio which I rarely used, but to take my mind off the severe cold, I had it on.  Through the tinny speakers about three or four John Lennon songs played without interruption which I thought was a little unusual, when the DJ came on announcing that John Lennon had been shot and killed at his condo in New York City.  Hunkered down behind the windshield, trying to stay out of the wind, I think I felt the same way I did when John Belushi died a year or so earlier...I was disappointed, sad, and a little angry. I pondered this as I headed south. I was too young to remember the assassination of JFK, but I knew this would be one of those significant events in modern history.

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