Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Sewer Canal

Had a three-day weekend which was nice. I got out on my bicycle on Sunday and Monday. Both days I really enjoyed the ride. Monday's ride was particularly fun. We have a limited number of trails to ride in our area, so when I saw some guy on a bike the other day riding a single track along a sewage canal, I had to go check it out. Yes, it was smelly, and unpleasant, but it was a new single track trail...that headed straight into the sketchy-est barrio in Lecheria. I probably would have been okay riding through the barrio, but I decided to cut it short and took a safe route back into the primary residential area I was in. I rode back to the panaderia to buy some breakfast.

 Took this photo when riding at El Morro that morning. 

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