Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tour Divide 2011: One for the Books

What a finish! Kurt Refsnider took advantage of the rolling hills on US 90 south of Silver City to overtake single-speeder Jefe Branham and once they hit the true desert there are no more hills, and its just motoring. Kurt rolled into Antelope Wells at about 6:00 AM MDT. Jefe is about 30 minutes out as of 7:45 MDT.
Northbound rider Paul Attalla is closing in on Banff and should finish sometime this morning.
What a finish for these guys! Congrats to all finishers!
The Tour Divide is a great event! Big thanks should go to Matthew Lee as the director/organizer.


Mimbres Man said...

Jefe Branham rolls to the podium at the US-Mexico border about 8:30AM MDT.

Gunnar Berg said...

It would would have been perfect, it would would have been perfect. perfect! a movie ...if.... Well, you know. Amazing.

Mimbres Man said...

Sounds like their ride through the Gila was epic. They ran out of food and water. (Been there...)

Chaco Runner said...

A screenplay starts with a good plot and it sounds like we've got one here. Impressed.