Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Back at It

I have decided to start blogging again. I was heavy into FaceBook, a real time suck, but I've closed my account because of all the BS and decided I will publish my pics and stories here again. I might go back to using FB some day, but it will be a highly trimmed down version.

In the past my blog served as a diary of sorts, especially when living overseas in Venezuela. I am now back in the USA with my family, not sure if my post will be as interesting or colorful, but I am back in my hometown in New Mexico, we've been back for a little more than year.

The biggest news so far has been moving back to New Mexico, got a new job, new car, and a new bicycle. My new bicycle is probably the biggest deal. I have not had a new new bicycle since 1992. My custom Coconino is hand-built masterpiece by frame-builder Steve Garro (mentioned in other parts of the blog) whom I've known personally for at least 20 years. I am real happy and pleased how the bike turned out. It is an amazing ride.

More on everything later!

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Kevin said...

Sometimes I feel pressure to get something posted for anyone who may be waiting for an update but I don't know that I like that pressure. I know I don't like writing from that position. I have to remind myself that I do my blog for me primarily and if others are curious about my life I'm happy to have them come along for the ride.

I do try and get an update out each week so I've got something to look back on and reminisce about years from now. That's the main reason I blog but there's also a therapeutic aspect to it for those times when I'm trying to sort through some thoughts.