Sunday, May 20, 2007

Condo Progress

I haven't posted in a few days so I thought I'd give an update of what's going on.

The condominium progresses...We actually started the process in getting it livable. New condos in Venezuela are basically empty shells and it is up to the owner to finish the interior.

There are several projects Tania and I are dealing with; 1. Central air conditioning needs to be bought and installed. 2. We needed to decided what type of flooring, buy the material and have it installed. 3. Design a kitchen, buy appliances, and have installed. 4. Closets need to be built and installed. 5. Furniture, we have very little of, and need to buy more.

Its seems, unfortunately, phases 1 and 2 have had a clash. Just as we get our expensive porcelin tiles being laid down, the air conditioning guys show up pushing down several tiles which needed to be replaced. Each tile cost $7.00.

We needed to buy our appliances by the end of the month and this is pretty much done. We have bought all of the major appliances; Whirlpool refrigerator w/icemaker, Teka (from Spain) 4-burner gas range top, Teka gas/electric oven w/rotisser, Teka exhaust hood, Teka SS sinks (below top design) and "Italian" faucet. We are still needing to buy a washer and drier. Looks like we mostly have a "Teka" kitchen.

The floor should be done this week. We asked the air conditioning guys not to show up until the floor was finished. The kitchen counter/cabinet/countertop contractor is scheduled to measure the area on Wednesday and it is scheduled to be installed the first week in July.

I need to head to the USA sometime in mid-July. We need to be out of our current apartment by Aug 1, but we plan to move as soon as the floor and a/c are in. The bathrooms are finished so we will use a hotplate and "camp out" for a while.


denise garro said...

it sounds almost ready for some guests. maybe some folks from flagstaff az.......

ybonesy said...

Mimbresman, it's time to update your blog. Here's a reason why: