Wednesday, February 13, 2008

San Bernadino

We rode last Sunday to San Bernadino. I rode the Merlin single speed. The group I ride with don't get it (the single speed thing). Anyway, I rode from where most of the others did, so it was an extra 12 km (7.5 miles) to the trailhead.

There was a moment on the ride when I was completely alone. It was nice. Just me and my most simple (and favorite) bike.

In San Bernadino I took a few photos, but nothing outstanding. My favorite is the one posted above.

On the return trip, Jacques crashed hard on the downhill. He mangled is left shoulder pretty good. Today I got word that he had surgery in Caracas and had a pin put in his shoulder. That's nuts!


denise garro said...

I have to say your last 2 entries make me really miss my bike....big snows and vacation to portland OR means no riding for almost 3 weeks now. steve is going to get out on his arm bike in sedona. there is another storm on its way tonight. crazy...thank god for x-country skiing. it does not replace the Bike. take care...I am thinking spring....

mimbres man said...

I e-mailed Steve today. You should head down to Black Canyon City and ride the new BLM mtn bike trail. Now complete, 23 miles of single track. I rode some of it last year. Lots of fun.