Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been fighting some kind of virus or infection since last week. Last Monday I went on my own to an "ear doctor". I had to wait for 5 hours! It is there I probably picked this mess up. Once I saw the doctor, he looked at the ear that was bothering me, prescribed some medicines; one that I had had before and other I wasn't familiar with. I forgot to tell the doctor that I was allergic to penicillin.
I started taking the medicine and after a few day, things started getting worse. By the time I got home to PLC on Thursday night (no school on Friday) I was starting to cough up phlegm and my “good” ear was starting to bother me.
By Saturday, Tania had had enough and took me to an emergency clinic. The doctor right away recognized I was having an allergic reaction to penicillin and got me off the regimen. He prescribed a few new things and things are looking up. I slept 13 hours Saturday night.
Still coughing phlegm, but feeling better.