Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Strange Day part II

We go shopping for curtains. The lady gives us an estimate of Bs. F. 6500! That's roughly $2200 for 3 windows! Nuts!

So after a nice lunch we go downtown to shop for cloth to make our own curtains.
We eventually got separated and Oscar and I go look for Tania. We walk back to the car, but the car wasn't there!

What happened?

Was it stolen?

Tania didn't have a key.

There are no other cars on the street where we parked it so I figure it must have been towed.

There is a motorcycle police right there, so I use my bad Spanish and ask him if he knows where my car is, a white Kia Rio. He said it is being towed to the commander's impound lot and it will cost me Bs.F. 1500 (about $500) to get it out, but he calls his tow truck buddy on the cell phone, and his buddy still has the car hitched to his truck and can bring it back for less money.

Oscar and I walk in the rain to Paso Colon, meet the motorcycle cop there, and here comes his buddy with my car in tow. They want Bs.F. 400 (about $129) to give me back my car, but Oscar says we are from Anaco and didn't bring that much with us. So the truck driver says, Bs. F. 200 ($64.50). We get away at half price.

We eventually find Tania, pick her up and go home.