Tuesday, July 29, 2008

10 Things about the Univega

I just went for a ride around town on the Univega. This time was wearing Converse low-tops, no gloves, and a baseball cap.
- 1. Oh...I remember this. This little ride brought back a lot of memories of when this bike was my only bike.

- 2. Gearing...big spaces between gears. Takes quite a bike of moving the shift lever to change gears. The old Suntour derailleurs work great.

- 3. Slightly flexy bottom bracket. On the slightest incline where I am putting a little more power to the cranks, the chainring starts rubbing on the front derailleur. I think this is due to the derailleur being very narrow.

- 4. When shift gears in the back, it is necessary to adjust and feather the front derailleur to keep it from rubbing.

- 5. The Mafac cantilevers are stylish, but they take a lot of effort to operate. I am so used to XT V-brakes, where you can stop using one finger.

- 6. Toeclip overlap. I forgot about this funky thing about the bike. Got to be careful when making big turns.

- 7. Need to repair on pannier strap. Working on that right now.

- 8. The Avocet saddle and old school pedals will have to go when doing the Katy. I'll opt to put on my Pure V and the SPD pedals off Mr. Litespeed.

- 9. Stationwagon...This bike is like the Vista Cruiser in "That 70's Show". A sled.

- 10. I still love this bike! Its so styly!