Sunday, August 10, 2008

Palo Duro Canyon

Got back from my road trip and now have my computer recharged so now I can update this blog.

July 30/31; Stop #1: Palo Duro Canyon is south of Amarillo, Texas. I driven through Amarillo several times, but never took the time to go look for, and find, Palo Duro canyon. I completed this road trip without the use of a map or GPS, so I just had to follow signs, my nose, and hand drawn maps provided by friends. Its a great way to explore.

Anyway got to Palo Duro Canyon, Texas State Park around sunset. I paid for overnight camping. I found my site and immediately went to bed in the camper.

In the morning, I got up for a morning ride. Using the basic map the ranger had given me, I found the mountain bike trails and poked around a bit.

I met a couple from London who were out for a morning hike. They were driving a rented RV across the USA via Route 66. I gave them a few recommendations of places to eat while in New Mexico on the Mother Road.

While riding, I met "Wild Bill", a local who was riding an Ellsworth Truth (full suspension). He was a good guy who knew Ray Molina. Originally from Rodeo, NM, he also knew Silver City and about Mimbres Man. I felt obliged to give him my last MM T-shirt. He'll enjoy it.

Bill showed me around the trails of the park. By the time we had finished, it was already 11:30 and I still needed to drive to Missouri, so it was adios Bill, took a quick shower at the park rest room, and hit the road.