Monday, August 11, 2008

Driving to Kansas City

On July 31...after finally leaving Palo Duro, I needed to drive to Lee's Summit, which is southeast of Kansas City, MO. I had a quick lunch in Amarillo at a Sonic Drive-in, and hopped onto I-40 eastbound. This was where I started questioning my sanity. Why was I driving 1200+ miles to ride bikes with guys I have never met in person? I decided to at least drive beyond the Texas panhandle and get into Oklahoma before making a decision.

The drive across Oklahoma was uneventful. I stopped a couple of times (once before OK City, and once after) at Love's Travel Centers to fill with gas, use the restroom, and to get coffee. Once I got to Oklahoma City and turned north on I-35, I was committed to driving all the way to Lee's Summit.

In Kansas, I continued on I-35 which turns into the "Kansas Turnpike". This interstate goes through Wichita, and the Flint Hill region of Kansas. I was impressed with the Flint Hills. The drive was beautiful and green.

The only stop I made in Kansas was at a travel stop on the turnpike. These unique service stations had a Phillips 66 gas station and a McDonald's/Circle K store. I had some kind of McDonald's hamburger for lunch and afterwards, I went to the Circle K part of the the building and bought a phone card and called Tania.

I made it to Lee's Summit around 12:30 AM...maybe later. I had to call Kevin from downtown Lee's Summit for him to come get me. I was really clueless how to find his house.

Once at the house, I had to prepare my bike for the ride the next morning. I did not get to sleep until 3:00 AM or so. Crazy!