Monday, August 11, 2008

Aug 1, 2008...the Katy Trail.

We woke up early, packed Kevin's car and headed to Clinton, MO to start our Katy Trail tour. First stop was to get his dad so his dad could drive his car back to Lee's Summit.

Bikes packed, we hit the trail. The trail was hardpack gravel; a rails to trail project, therefore the grade were never real great.

Right off the bat Kevin had a blowout...probably had the tube in bad. That fixed we continued on.

The day was hot and humid. At Clifton City we discovered there was no water. Al, the Katy Trail Authority, rescued us with a jug of (questionable looking) water. He was a nice guy who scraped out a living repairing bikes and cutting wood.

At about mile 75, we reached Booneville and the Missouri River. We continued on down the trail a few miles beyond Rocheport to a place called Catfish Katy's. We rode about 95 miles. I had a sever case of monkey butt, but other than that, no other complaints. I was feeling pretty good. The Univega performed flawlessly.