Sunday, March 08, 2009


Did get out to ride this morning. The wind and waves have been huge (relative to our area)! After descending Acuario, we watched in awe for a few minutes.

We rode around El Morro, up The Rails (fairly easy for me today...working out during the weekdays helps big time), the Fausto, to the summit of El Morro then we decided to go down The Babylonia Trail. The trail drops from 100 m to 50 m, in about 400 meters in length. The first 200 meters is very steep and slippery where it is almost impossible to stop. My bike, the Merlin, handled it all perfectly! Too much fun! After the trail started leveling out, and at a widespot on a dogleg right, I stopped to grab my camera and take some pics.

We rode back up the cerro (hill) to see who was up at the rendevous point, and after a few minutes of chatting and visiting, we took off back down the hill to eat some empanadas for breakfast.

At home I grabbed our waterbottle 19 L (5 gallons) and headed to the store for a new bottle of water. I put the bottle in my messenger bag and rode to a local bakery. An empty waterbottle does not weigh much when riding, but a full bottle weighs 19 kg + the weight of the bottle. It was okay, but the weight of the bottle caused the shoulder strap on my messenger bag to dig into my shoulder.

Also back at home, I washed the apartment windows. Much better!

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SS:Mtn Biker said...

Looks like y'all had a great time,Mims!

I remember when we lived in a small town,I'd either ride my SS or my little dual-sport dirt bike ( Chinese made- UM 200) everywhere in're right,even w/ 3 gallons of milk (about the size limit of my largest bag,the old Chrome Dirt Rag ones),you really felt the strap!