Friday, March 20, 2009

Science Fair (post 4)

We have our winners!

Awards in 1 hour!


Anonymous said...

In a science fair you take in mind the effort of the students, not only the presentation. I think the winners of those prizes don’t deserve them, with the exception of the third place winner. The first place winner cheated and the judges didn’t realize that. The second place winner did his experiment the day before the science fair, and without any effort won second place (not interesting experiment). While you forgot about the people that really worked hard 2 weeks or more on their experiments, and hoping to get recognized. I hope the next science fair you remember this comment and recognize the people that really worked, for your science fair.

Mimbres Man said...

I am glad you worked hard on your project. You learned a thing or two from the process. If you want to talk about it, then see me in private. I stay out of the judging process for a reason. The burden of proof for cheating is on you, the accuser. If you would like to present concrete evidence on cheating, then I will take action, but I cannot take action based on unsubstantiated claims.
Also I beg to differ about the 2nd place winner. He worked diligently on gathering his data, being accurate, and drawing a reasonable conclusion. The judges thought his project worthy.
Don't be bitter. If you have evidence, present it and we will deal with it.