Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back in easy trip

Back in Venezuela. Had zero problems at customs. My residente visa was still valid even though my passport is nearly expired and now have a new passport. The Venezuelan customs agent seemed apathetic and didn't care one way or the other since I hadn't had the chance to complete my entry form.

When I sent my roller-duffel bags through the X-ray machine, they only questioned the Chinese wok I had bought. It showed up as a big opaque disk. Other than the interior hallway to the domestic airport not working, I had to go back to the old way of getting there by walking outside and make the 500 meter walk awkwardly pulling the two roller-duffel bags.

BTW...don't count on Jeep brand luggage being very durable or rugged. Needing a 2nd suitcase, I bought the duffel at Wal-Mart (I tried boycotting Wal-Mart this trip...did pretty good) because it was large and relatively cheap. After one flight, the pull out handle does not deploy because it got bent by baggage handlers somewhere between ELP and CCS. My Lands End duffel has now made about 10 round-trip international flights and is showing very little damage or wear. Simple, rugged , and well made.


steve garro said...

dude - we missed you again!

Mimbres Man said...

I know...that sucks! I am moving back next year. I swear.
Worst part is I am going to miss the party of a lifetime at BT's wedding.