Wednesday, July 08, 2009

More Tour Divide Riders

More Tour Divide riders! These 3 guys came through town; Per Nilsson Eklof, Trevor Browne, and Paul Howard. Per was real hardcore riding a rigid Karate Monkey. They should be finishing up tomorrow, riding into Antelope Wells around 1:00 PM.
Yeehaw to Per, Trevor, and Paul!

Other things today, I rode the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) "South" this morning. This ride is becoming my benchmark. It was the first ride I did when arriving from Venezuela. I suffered big time from the altitude. On today's ride, I assume I was still tired from South Boundary Ride, but I cleaned everything. I didn't need to stop and breath like the past. The new SID Team fork is way better than the old SID. The steering is now precise and plush. Nice!

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