Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ear Infection

Saturday I had a great bike ride with a friend. Did some climbing, descending, just generally enjoyed the morning. Rode about 12 miles or so. I don't used a cyclocomputer so I never really know unless I sit down and plot it out on Google Earth.

Saturday afternoon I learned that a group was heading up to Los Altos de Santa Fe on Sunday morning. Perfect! A long training ride in prep for the Tour Divide.

Luck would have it, I came down with a sever ear infection Saturday night where the ear canal completely closed up. I was hoping it'd be better by morning, but it wasn't. So instead of going for a 90 km/700+ meters of climbing-into-the-cloud-forest ride, I was at the emergency clinic getting an injection of a broad-spectrum antibiotic in my butt, and prescriptions for more oral antibiotics plus anti-inflammatory med, and ear drops. What a mess!

My ear is doing better, but seemed to have slept on it bad last night and it feels funny today. Can't hear too well out of the sick ear. Ugggh

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