Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Saddle for Tour Divide

For the past 15 or more years I've been riding WTB saddles almost exclusively. After much trial and error, I found I really liked the SST. Surprisingly it was dropped from their line back about 2004, so I replaced my worn SST with a Pure V.

The Pure V is a great saddle. I find it extremely comfortable, but I am concerned with the seams on the cover over the long haul. I used one of my Pure V saddles on the Katy Trail back in 2008 with mixed results. I rode 95 miles the first day and was pretty chaffed and sore afterwards. The next day I was able to ride fairly comfortably for about 85 miles to our next stop-over. Because of knee problems (not mine) and to prevent further damage, we decided to stop on day 3 and end the trip in Hermann, MO and there catch the train back to Lee's Summit.

A friend, a veteran of many long distance rides, says if my butt is not toughened up, it'll be a short ride. He's probably right. I am really thinking of trying a Terry Liberator saddle. I wish I could get one down here in Venezuela and ride it for a while.

This problem of prepping from 3000 miles away is one of the more challenging things about this ride.


Gunnar Berg said...

Take care yo ass.
One of the things that is seldom mentioned is a slippery saddle. I think surface roughness, even fine suede, is our enemy. Of course I haven't ridden enough loooong distances to be an authority, just an opinionated one.

Mimbres Man said...

Yes...even thinking Brooks on this one. Though I've never used one and that's probably asking for it.

Anonymous said...

I use a Pure V also and love it... Have a Brooks B17 on my fixie and while I'm not sure about it for the long haul, I am sure it will be more comfortable once it's broken in.

Mimbres Man said...

Just ordered a Terry Fly Tri saddle.

Anonymous said...

Nice saddle! I'm going to need a replacement for my Pure V, starting to tear at the seams.

mark scotch said...

time in the saddle (training) = time in the saddle (the ride) IMO....but(t) as we discussed off time, some well tested ass ointment to have if needed is a good idea.