Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ciudad Bolivar

I've been in Venezuela as an outsider for 10 years. Its sad to see the country slowly destroyed by greed, ignorance, and stupidity.
I was just in Ciudad Bolivar, the city where I was married, and it has become one big slum. Really, really sad. I love that city, I have connections in that city, but now it is a prime example of a city in decay...a city doing everything wrong. It is a place of so much history and potential that it could be a mini-Paris on the Orinoco.
Sorry no pics...didn't take my camera (stupid me).


mark scotch said...

Maybe you meant it as such or maybe I'm not picking up on it, but it doesn't seem fair to blame the City, seems the blame should be with the choices the leader of the country is making??

Mimbres Man said...

Its the whole system...from the people, to the mayor, to the governor, to Chavez himself. Its a broken system. We couldn't even go to our favorite place to eat fish because the "malandros" (criminals) have taken over. They extort you for money.
There is not even a single cafe left on the Paseo de Orinoco. No place to hang out and enjoy the view of the river while having a coffee.

Echelon 133 said...


Pobrecito por la ciudad Bolivar. But Barin we have the same thing politically and civicaly happening here in the states. Believe it or not there is a proposal on the table from the Mayor of Detroit o "mow" half of the city down and turn it back into farmland (because of the blight).