Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Meeting Place

This is at El Morro on the top of the Cerro climb which goes from about 8 m (26 ft) above sea-level to about 65 meters (212 ft) above sea-level in 1.6 km (1 mile). It is a moderate climb with steepish pitches in places. Usually there are a group of cyclists hanging out in the shade of the little police shed deciding where to ride to next. 

Yesterday I was riding with my friend Jacques and had just come down the "La Falla" trail and paused here just to see what everyone was going to do next. You can see by the bicycles, the ones pointing right, are all full-suspension free-ride type bikes. These guys are a sub-set of the group of mountain bikers who frequent El Morro. All nice guys with big bikes. The two bikes pointing left on the right of the photo are Jacques' Rocky Mountain and my full-rigid Merlin (I love that bike!). 

The more I look at this photo, the more I like it. I like the crude splicing job I did on it using Photoshop. It makes for a more interesting photograph in my opinion.

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