Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Extremely Small World

So I head out for a bike ride this morning and do my usual route; up El Cerro, up La Falla, past Punto Caribe, down El Fausto, then bomb down The Rails. As I was descending The Rails, I caught the glimpse of a pair of bicycles below heading to the northern end of El Morro. Down on the main route, I  also head north (part of my original plan anyway) and intercept the cyclists. One bike is pulling a Trail-a-Bike with a little girl. The captain, is wearing a K-TAOS T-shirt. I cautiously come around them and ask in English if they are from New Mexico. Startled and surprised the dad say yes. They were "mainly from Gallup" and we had several mutual friends including my best bud, Steinar.  They are new to the area, a teaching couple working at the international school in Barcelona. It also turns out we were living in the Gallup area at the same time and never crossed paths that I can recall. Trippy!

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Gunnar Berg said...

Amazing! I never meet ANYONE from East Underfoot, Minnesota.