Monday, September 27, 2010

The Golf Course

Last night, while waiting for election results to be announced, I had a dream....

I was on a golf course. I climbed a hill and looked to my left and looked at the fairway. The grass was yellow and dying, and scattered with weeds. Suddenly I am in the clubhouse where I recognize a man. He is the golf pro. He is older than I last remembered him and more haggard looking. I ask him point-blank if he likes this communism stuff. He peers out the window to the yellow golf course, looks down at the floor and walks out of the room. 

I woke up (at 3:40 AM) thinking about the Venezuelan National Assembly elections. 

Like golf or not, golf courses are works of art. Each one is unique. They take design and planning. They require work and constant maintenance. Without it, golf courses die…much like a building or a country. I believe my dream was a metaphor for what has happened to Venezuela. Countries are can be like golf courses too. They require work and constant maintenance. Without that, they die.

The opposition candidates won 52% of the popular vote yesterday, but they hold only 40% of the seats. That is because of illegal gerrymandering by the government. Hopefully this will be enough to stop Chavez from taking Venezuela down the path of communism. This ruling party no longer has 2/3 majority in the legislative body. The downside is, Chavez still has until January 1 before the new assembly takes their seats and this may be plenty of time for him to implement some of his most evil plans.

Chavez has not said a single thing on TV or radio that I know of. He knows he’s been caught red handed. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for him.

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Silk Hope said...


Word has it he is negotiating with Iran for some Nukes. Nice guy you got down there.