Monday, November 17, 2008

Anzoategui Day Weekend

We had a 3-day weekend which is always nice! Unfortunately I had a fight Thursday night (after a stressful 3-hour drive) with Tania and she was really pissed. To piss her off even more, I went to KE Cool (a small sushi bar) downstairs and met Daniel and Matt for a couple of beers (I had 4). This really pissed her off. I never know what to do in this situation. She can get very stubborn, but so can I. I can be a real idiot!

I posted a pic above that pretty much describes that I was in the dog house. I was the dawg supreme.

On Friday, I woke up fairly early and rode the Merlin SS solo around El Morro. I went up the "Falla" (Failure) trail for the first time in a while. I cleaned it! It took some effort but I did it. I rode around for a couple of hours and when I got back, Tania was gone. Gone to Anaco...Ugggh!

Oh well. She needed to cool down and so did I.
I took Oscar to lunch at Anna Julia for pizza, then spent the rest of the day vegging, napping, and being Internet guy.

On Saturday Oscar and I rode a lap (backwards...meaning climbing the Falla again...easier that time) of El Morro together, then we h
ooked up with the group. We rode a second lap in the usual direction which meant to ride up "the Rails". I can clean the rails with the SS but it is a major effort! The slope is right at the limit of what is doable with my strength and conditioning these days.

I took this vid of Oscar.

Tania showed up Saturday afternoon after I called her. I apologized. I was a jerk...BIG TIME.

Sunday no riding, just vegging and getting ready to head back to El Tigre. I took Tania and Oscar out for breakfast, though Venezuelans do not do breakfast too well.
Breakfast is always disappointing here...its not like a big breakfast you'd find in a typical restaurant in the USA. or even something regional like huevos rancheros in New Mexico. Anyway, the restaurant we ended up at was on the Paseo Colon, so I got to watch boat traffic move about. Saw a ship approach from the horizon which was interesting to watch.

On a completely different topic...

Since being back in El Tigre, I've rediscovered streaming Internet Radio. Right now I am into KCRW from Santa Monica, CA. I used to listen to this station back in the Mimbres Man days when doing business in Los Angeles...actually made the 405 freeway fun to drive.

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SS:Mtn Biker said...

good stuff mims!i just found yer blog the other day,so i'm just really readin into it.i just started one at..... least i think that's the link.BTW,it's void of my typical hillbilly lingo.see,ya bro =)