Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bridgestone RB-2

Bridgestone RB-2

This is my 1992 Bridgestone RB-2. I bought it new, out of the fact it was the last new brand new bike I have bought.

Though somewhat obsolete by today's standard; 23 lbs, 7-speed, downtube shifters, still rides like a dream...silky smooth.

This bike is in storage at my mom's. Sometimes I wish I had it with me, but I like keeping it in New Mexico where it won't rust, and where it enjoys wide-open roads from time to time (when I am in the USA).

I am planning a Tran-America tour in 2010 and this bike is a candidate bike for the trip. Unless I get a new bike, it is down to using the Univega Gran Turismo which has racks, old school 27" wheels, and 5-speed, my Litespeed Toccoa mountain bike which has plenty of gearing and S & S couplers, or this bike. If I use the Toccoa or this bike, I'll pull a BOB trailer instead of using panniers.

Update: This post is getting lots of hits. Here's a link to an earlier bit I wrote about this bicycle.

Update (17/09/09): This entry gets a lot of hits...
When in New Mexico this past summer, I took the RB-2 out for a ride. Funny only about 5 years ago people turned their noses up at this bike, but now all I got were comments like, "Wow! Great bike!" or "Cool! Where'd you get that bike?" or "Sweet!" It was like driving a classic Mustang. I knew when I bought the bike back in 1991 or so, it was a cool bike. Now with all the cookie cutter, look-alike aluminum or carbonfiber bicycles, this one stands out. Still an excellent bicycle. Still rides like a dream, and it still makes me happy when I ride it.


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Always loved that Bridgestone,Mims,ride it on the tour!

Mimbres Man said...

Me too. Its a sweet bike. I might ride it, but I'd have to put a triple crank on it...maybe.