Sunday, February 01, 2009

Surprise Extra Day Off!

A view from my living room window (a few months back)

Sundays are a drag for me. That means I have to get ready to leave Tania and my cool little condo on the beach and head back to El Tigre were I work. I don't mind working in El Tigre, in fact, its a pretty good gig, but the commute on Sunday and Friday are long and somewhat brutal, and potentially dangerous. Where I live is a nice part of the country; full of beaches, the ferry terminal to Margarita Island, coastal mountains, and so on. Where I now work is 180 km (110 miles) inland and is an oil town. There is not much going on there...not even a movie theater.

I've been carpooling with another teacher also from Lecheria. We swap cars week to week. Some weeks I drive my little Kia Rio, and sometimes we take his Jeep Gran Cherokee. Dan's Cherokee has been in the shop for the last month, so I was going to take the Rio this week (my car was in the shop last week because it needed new rear wheel bearings...Venezuelan roads are brutal, full of potholes...hard on a little car). I drive to Dan's to pick him up and while I am visiting with his mother, I get a phone call from my boss. No school tomorrow. Chavez has declared February 2 a national holiday, 10 years of his "revolution". Whatever he says...

Anyway, back home, relaxing with Tania. Its nice to be here instead of El Tigre, at least for another day.

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