Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Under the Sea

We had access to a launcha on Sunday so we took advantage of it and motored to Isla Borracha . I ended up swimming more than a kilometer taking pics. Water was mostly warm but I am glad I wore my wetsuit top layer; a 3mm [thick] jacket.

The reef is healthy on the northside of the bay and was teaming with fish in those areas.

The camera used was my Canon SD-1000 instead of my A-530. The camera dry bag is for a larger camera like the A-530 and the SD-1000 was small for the bag so sometimes the photos were obscured by the plastic window housing, therefore I've cropped most of these photos to make them look a little nicer, otherwise everything else; color, light, etc. is how the camera captured the shot.

Saw a variety of fish including; a barracuda, a lizardfish, a couple butterfly fish, several sergeant-majors, tons of wrasses, a few damsel fish, and several other kinds of fish that I am not sure what they are.


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Beautifull pics Mims!!! I love fish (and miss the days we had hundreds of gallons of tanks =( ).

denise garro said...

we really need to get down and see you.....awesome pics....yes our trip to baja was perfect....D