Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home Maintenance (updated)

Two years ago, my wife Tania and I bought our first home, a condo 150 meters from the Caribbean Sea. This is the first time I've ever owned anything of this magnitude, therefore I take pride in ownership.

What I am finding out, very quickly is home ownership involves a lot of care and maintenance. There seems to be always a project to do, or something that needs to be fixed or addressed.

Right now we are having our air conditioning rebuilt because the original contractor did not install it properly. Since finding our new air conditioner guy, the unit is working much better, but now he is making some needed improvements, so no a/c this weekend.

The other thing is rust. Being close to the sea, we are experiencing rust, our chrome cabinet hinges are rusting, chrome steel supports on our bar, the stainless steel barstools are rusting, and even on the some of the brushed stainless steel cabinet pulls are rusting. Today I bought some anti-corrosive spray, and sprayed the hinges and wiped down everything else that was metal.

We also need to call a plumber. It seems our kitchen faucet is leaking. Tania refuses to let me try and fix it. I think it just needs a new O-ring.

Update: We had the plumber come and review the faucet this morning. Looks like it is busted and we will need a new one. My theory is that due to the air that gets into the waterlines when the water pump is shut off, puts a lot of stress on the faucet. The air coming out is almost like an explosion. A new faucet will cost about Bs.F 1000+ ($175.00 +) uggh!
I am going to look into adding a water pressure regulator into my water main. 3rd world water pressure is hell on the system.

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