Thursday, April 09, 2009

Samana Santa...Photographic Details

I really like digital photography. I've been interested in photography my whole life but never got into it because of the expense. I still think the best shot I've ever taken was a Polaroid shot of the legendary Steve Garro riding his bike on a dry lake bed in Nevada one late afternoon. Everything just worked in that photograph; the surreal colors of a Polaroid photo, the backlighting with the sun behind a large cumulus cloud, the flash went off, and I captured Steve's intense focus [still the best all around mountain bike rider I've ever seen or ridden with]. He missed my elbow by less than an inch (2.5 cm) when I was laying flat on the lake bed.

Where Polaroids are photography in its pure, raw form - digital photography can be augmented and altered. My little Canon digital ELPH cameras give me the instant gratification of a Polaroid, but also gives me other options like editing and cropping. They are also highly portable, therefore I carry my SD1000 everywhere.

This photograph is of Pedro's descent down the Acuario trail yesterday. I used some software to zoom in and crop a piece of the picture. I also tweeked the contrast a bit, and sharpened the pixels some. I am no expert, but I like the detail of the dust kicked up by the rear tire.

This is the original photograph. It is untouched [other than being resized so it loads faster on this blog]. I like how the camera captured the bouncing of the chain. That something you often hear when riding, but rarely get to see.

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