Thursday, April 02, 2009

Rocky Mountain Vertex

This afternoon I bought a 2008 Rocky Mountain Vertex Team frame and RockShox Reba (100mm). Not sure why, but it was a super good deal...too good to pass up. This frame is super light, about 3.2 lbs (~1.4kg) and made of super strong scandium alloy. I almost have enough parts to build it, except I'd need a disc brake set. I am thinking if I can fit it in a suitcase, no problem, but I might have to use a courier to bring it to Venezuela. It might be my new Venezuela bike and leave my Litespeed in the USA...but I like my Litespeed which I bet is going to be an amazing bike with all the new parts. The Vertex is a super bike though! The one I've ridden is pretty amazing!Update: I've learned that this bike is the last of its type. I knew that the new 2009 Vertex frames are carbonfiber but this particular frame is the last of the scandium alloy Vertexes. The complete bikes, even the upper tier Vertex 70, uses 7005 alloy. Not a big fan of aluminum bikes, but scandium-aluminum alloy has a completely different ride quality...more like steel or titanium.

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