Saturday, May 23, 2009


Oscar crashed today while riding his bike. He doesn't remember anything...he crashed and rung his bell big time. He somehow showed up at the apt with bike and helmet. When I got home, we took him to one clinic, it was closed, took him to another clinic, but it was very busy with only one doctor, we went back to the small municipal clinic and the doctor said it was urgent we see a neurologist and get skull X-rays.

We went to the big free (social) hospital for X-rays. This was straight out of a scene from Jacob's Ladder. Crazy! Like a hospital in Bagdad or something...with gunshot victims (one dying while we were there...wailing mom, the whole works). Big picture of Hugo Chavez on the wall...People with arms and legs wrapped in gauze, police everywhere, surly doctors, jaded nurses...and people camped out for the long haul. People had their mattresses and food and coffee with them. Crazy experience for sure.

Got skull X-rays and left before the car was broken into or stolen. A nurse wanted us to stay and wait till the gunshot victim's blood and mess were cleaned up but Tania wanted to leave. We took the X-rays back to the clinic and the doctor there said to observe Oscar for 12 hours (don't let him sleep tonight) but we should consult a neurologist.

He looks pretty rattled right now. He is real fuzzy headed. This has been traumatic for him.

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