Thursday, May 07, 2009

Labor Day Road Trip (part II)

On our road trip, we traveled to the city of Carupano in Sucre state in the extreme eastern part Venezuela. Sucre is the part of Venezuela where Christopher Columbus stumbled upon on his 3rd voyage. He thought he had found the Garden of Eden. Of all of Venezuela I've seen, Sucre is still the most beautiful.

The sea is a way of life there and they still build boats by hand. It has dozens of great beaches, lots of big mountains, and hot springs! Sucre is a plate boundary. It where the Caribbean plate comes into contact with the South American plate. There are no volcanoes in the area, extinct or otherwise, but some of the hot springs have temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius! Crazy hot!

We visited one of the largest of these thermal waters, a place called Aguas de Moises. Its a crazy themed thermal water park. Very strange. The water in the pools is luke warm, but some of these pools are the size of small lakes! I am now curious about the temperature at the source.

Carupano is also famous for its sausage. We bought several links and grilled them. Our favorite was a the "sweet" which had a lot of pimenton (bell pepper) in its recipe.

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