Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Gila Proven! Tour of the Gila; Nathan!

I sniped this pic off the Silver City Cycling group page. I really like this pic. This is Nathan probably after finishing the Gila Monster on Sunday. Just the look of satisfaction on his face says it all. He's a great guy! Always happy!

I've known Nathan since he was about 13 years old. I would take him and his classmate Aaron mountain biking in the Gila. Our bikes were simple and heavy, but we loved getting out riding and exploring. I showed them routes I knew about or wanted to know about, and encouraged them to go places where others don't/can't. Explore the Gila! Map it out! And in the process I hopefully helped instill a love of cycling.

Now the students surpass their teacher...both have gone places I never could. Both Nathan and Aaron continue riding; Aaron rides Pro mountain bike in Colorado, and Nathan rides Pro/Expert mountain bikes and Cat 1/2 in road bikes.

Congratulations Nate! Well done!

photo credit goes to Mike Sorensen

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