Sunday, May 31, 2009

Talent Show last Thursday.

Winding up school. Two weeks left! Yes!

Last Thursday night, we had a school talent show. I was the only staff member to participate. I sang "Put Another Log on the Fire", the male chauvinist national anthem. I guess I was the hit of the show. I had my secondary students joining me up on stage dancing and singing along the best they could.

I tried to give the back story of why/how I learned that song. It was way back in 1977. The year the Rainbow People had their gathering the Gila near Wall Lake. My friend Matt Winkler, his brother Patrick and his cousin and I decided to do a multi-day excursion on the Outer Loop in vintage trucks. We had a 1952 Jeep station wagon, (scroll down to see the wagons) and a 1965 GMC step-side pick-up named God, Mother, and Country. Patrick and cousin were in the Jeep, and Matt and I were in the GMC. We started from the T or C side, and headed up through Winston and Chloride, then camped the first night at the base of Lookout Mountain. Sitting around the campfire that night was the first time I had heard that song. I started learning it then and there because I found it hilarious. Anyway, it was a great trip! It was very influentenal in my young life.

Back to the talent show...all day Friday, I had students and teachers saying I did a great job. I didn't want to see the replay on video, but maybe I can get it and post it.
Already thinking about next years song...I have several in mind. Perhaps Ghost Riders in the Sky, or something by Tom Lehrer.

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molly said...

LOL~ You simply MUST get your hands on that video & get it posted! Your fans around the globe DEMAND it!!